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Welcome to the new S.H.F. and Winery Site!

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Welcome to our new website. We would appreciate any comments, compliments or advice greatly. Thank you.

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  1. diksha

    Amazing Post! Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate your efforts in writing this post. And do please check out this:

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  2. Roman Gawel

    Like many of the reviews here: the place, the gent AND the produce all blew me away. One of those corners that the likes of Michael Palin, Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams would write about maybe even grudgingly as such gems often invite secrecy and protection. A spot in this country where things feel like they should be and people are actually sane. Besides that, top quality nosh, honey that exceeds expectations and mead that feels literally magical. I haven't been able to quaff the celtic mead. It feels that special. Above all, you know your money is going to a person and beyond that - maybe more importantly - to the bees. Apiarists are planet savers. Go visit this guy and spend your cash. There are no drawbacks!

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  3. Ian Naylor

    Me and my wife first met derek and his wife around 13 years ago and on our holiday to llanberis and they were so nice and my daughter loved them then 6 years ago we returned with our 2daughters and he still recognised us and treat us as if we were family. Their produce is out of this world and addictive nothing can ever compare to theirs we are hoping to return this Easter Monday for a day out from Leeds as my daughters want to see them again and catch up so all I can say is thank you Derek and I will see you soon xx

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  4. Mike and Stacey

    I visited this place for the first time nearly 10 years ago and have always wanted to go back, this weekend my partner and I were climbing Snowdon and I finally had the chance to take her to this place. It was great to come back as the owners were so welcoming, we talked tried so many different meads! Each one different but all very tasty. It certainly lived up to the hype I had been giving it for years! I will always call back when I have the chance and I recommend everyone else to do the same!

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  5. Christoff, Sophie and Solomon

    We visited the shop late on Saturday afternoon initially just for a browse and left feeling warm and fuzzy with a new belief in humanity. Deryl served us and turned out to be the loveliest strangers ever with a cracking beard. He made our day with his cheery personality, love of life and just general attentiveness and adorableness. Such a unique, kind hearted and generous soul. If only there were more fabulous people like him on the planet. We hope to visit again one day soon, to purchase more delicious mead but more so to get another helping of the Deryl joy that we experienced this weekend. Spreading the love one honey pot at a time!

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  6. Juliet Lim & Lincoln Ng

    Wishing you, Def, a Merry Christmas and A Marvellous and Happy New Year !!

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  7. Juliet Lim & Lincoln Ng

    Hello Def, Your are one the most friendly and colourful chaps that I have ever met !! And instantly, clicked we did, as if we were long-lost best buddies ! Your utterly gentle patience and excellent customer service extended to your customers; old, young and new, were just beyond my comprehension, particularly those who do not have a clue of the marvellous products that you were promoting. Your eager willingness to share your most in-depth knowledge of bees and honey in relation the excellent jams and wines of your own ingenious creations, is just so rare and almost out of this world. We would love to pay another visit if time permits and, once again, thanks for the great hospitality and also the little precious presents for my little girl. Love from Malaysia, Juliet, Lincoln & S/Ting

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  8. Suresh Mathew

    A place almost out of a fairy tale with an overgrown dwarf , Deryl, in charge. The experience was surreal. Great honey. Enjoyed the varied tastes and continuing to revel in them every morning at breakfast. Keep it up Deryl. Hope to make it again sometime in the future. Cheers from Mumbai, India.

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  9. kathy

    hello my favorite honey and mead people. theres no specific time when ive been to you, we have visited over many years and spent many a very happy hour with you. just wanted the oppotunity to let you know how wonderful your shop is. mead is addictive and is to die for and your company is wonderful too. we keep coming back and are to make a very special journey at the end of may 2015, its to celebrate both mine and my partners 40th. We are heading off for a long awaited and extremely rare weekend away from it all on the motorbike and the first stop off is your shop to stock up on the weekends worth of mead..... Your fantastic, easy going, passionate and patient and it has not gone unnoticed....may you continue for many happy years and continue to supply real drink to those of quality tastes. kathy and neil.......celtic biker enthusiasts.......

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  10. Tong Wang

    We are the young Chinese couple who visited your shop last September. I am also the man who had been here in Feb 2010 when I was a postgraduate student in the University of Manchester. Is the photo wall plan complete? Sorry to contact you in such a long time. During the past year I finished a long article about North Wales and will put you and your lovely shop in my new book: Looking for Britain outside of London. Hope we can meet you again, and of couse, taste the fantastic honey meads and jams again. Here is the article, in Chinese:

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  11. Kate and Derek Cole

    Hello! Thanks again for the warm welcome, we felt like family returning home. Deryl and Derek hit it off again straight away, with varied topics of conversation (!!??) while I enjoyed the toasted tea cakes with, of course, honey, and a proper cuppa. It was lovely to see you both again, and the larder is now stocked up with honey, lemon curd, and Roman mead. Hoping to be back again soon. Kate, Derek and David, Hampshire armourers

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  12. Margaret,Chris and Phoebe.

    Hi honey people.We had a fantastic time in Your shop this afternoon.And what a shop this is-just FANTASTIC.Selection of Your honeys,wines and meads is just incredible. We really enjoyed-especially the tasting session.Never seeing so many honeys in my life but with the help I did manage to choose some. Conversation went from honey to pole dancing(I am Polish by birth) to newsagents and post offices.My daughter was more than pleased with her honey and fudge.And me with my mead so was my husband with is wine-roll on weekend when we can try them properly. Keep going.And thank you very much for brightening our day. Margaret,Chris and Phoebe Attridge from Crick Post Office in Northamptonshire.

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  13. Christie Maxon

    Our family spotted your shop, not by mistake, faerie led I'm sure, thru the mists. My young daughter and I were browsing your wonderful goods and we were greeted by the very charming owner, who by all means looks like a very young Merlin! ;-) We had a very wonderful chat that lasted quite awhile. He served me several samples of their lovely meads to help me select just the right gifts for several friends back in the states as well as for myself. His conversation and their lovely products just made my visit to Snowdon that much more special. My dear friends back home were pleasantly surprised when they received their Yule gift packages with bottles of authentic mead from Wales. I even left with a special a very special gift from the owner, which now sits in a special spot in my home... Thank you very much for such wonderful conversation and tasty meads. An experience I won't soon forget, if at all... Sincerely, Christie Maxon

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  14. Mengya Guo

    Hi, we are the young Chinese couple that visited your amazing shop last sunday. I just want to let you know that We enjoy the wine very much and our friends love the gift as well. Hope you have a nice xmas and happen new year!

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